Astigmatism Treatment for Houston

If you suffer from astigmatism, you may feel that nothing ever looks clear, either up close or from a distance. This common vision disorder can occur either on its own or in combination with other refractive errors. The good news is that you can get the correction you need for astigmatism from any eye doctor on our team at Exquisite Eye Care, proudly serving Houston.


Astigmatism Explained

Astigmatism occurs for different reasons than refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. Those conditions are commonly caused by an abnormally long or short eyeball that interferes with the normal refraction and focus of light onto the retina. In astigmatism, the underlying cause of refractive error is usually a less-than-perfect corneal curvature. In some cases, the abnormality may occur in the lens instead of the cornea. Even the smallest pits or bulges in the cornea can distort incoming light, causing blurriness not just at close or distant ranges, but at all visual ranges. You may also suffer from strain-induced headaches. The challenge of astigmatism gets even more complicated if you also have another refractive error that needs correcting.

The abnormalities that produce astigmatism often occur for many reasons. Most people with astigmatism have had the problem since birth. An eye injury later in life may also lead to astigmatism. You might also develop an eye condition later in life that deforms your corneas. In keratoconus, for instance, the cornea bulges outward, a problem that can cause both astigmatism and nearsightedness.

A Variety of Treatment Options

Our eye doctor at Exquisite Eye Care can diagnose astigmatism through a combination of tests and evaluations. Visual acuity testing can reveal blurriness at multiple distance levels. Techniques such as keratometry and corneal topography can reveal and map errors in your corneal contours. The positions of these pits or bulges are usually mapped in relation to imaginary lines called meridians.

Once our optometrist has taken the necessary measures to produce a corrective vision prescription, you can look into our astigmatism treatment options. Traditional eyeglasses do an excellent job of correcting mild to moderate astigmatism. You can also receive specialized contact lenses that cope with astigmatism better than standard contacts. For instance, gas permeable contacts always maintain a consistent curvature that compensates for corneal irregularities. If you find these rigid contacts uncomfortable, you can opt for soft-rimmed hybrid contacts. Toric contacts are designed so that they won't rotate on the eye while also providing multiple focal points, allowing them to correct your specific astigmatism. 

At Exquisite Eye Care, we have your astigmatism answers in Houston. Call either location for an appointment with a skilled, caring optometrist!

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