Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment in Houston, TX

More than 1 out of 10 Americans have diabetes. You might know that this chronic health condition affects the body's ability to control blood sugar. What you might not know is that diabetes also increases the risk of vision-threatening eye problems. At Exquisite Eye Care in Houston, TX, optometrists Dr. Cuong Tran and Dr. Antony Nguyen diagnose and treat diabetic eye diseases using advanced technology and best-practice techniques. Read on to learn more about how we can help. 


Types of Diabetic Eye Diseases

Diabetic eye disease refers to any type of vision or eye condition that arises as a complication of diabetes. These conditions include:

  • Diabetic retinopathy, which occurs when small blood vessels behind the retina become inflamed and leak
  • Diabetic macular edema, which occurs when fluid builds up behind the retina and macula (center of the retina) 
  • Cataracts, which occurs when the clear lens inside the eye becomes opaque and cloudy
  • Glaucoma, which occurs when the optic nerve becomes progressively damaged

All of these conditions can lead to blurry vision and other symptoms. Generally, symptoms develop gradually over time. Some people aren't even aware they have diabetes until they see an eye doctor for vision-related issues!

Interestingly, even significant rises in blood sugar can lead to temporary blurry vision, even if you don't have any diagnosable vision problem. 

How Our Houston Optometrist Staff Manages Diabetic Eye Disease

If you know you have diabetes, it's incredibly important to meet with your eye doctor regularly. Screening and diagnosing diabetic eye disease early is the best way to optimize your vision and protect your eye health.

Our Houston optometry staff can tailor your diabetic eye disease treatment to meet your specific condition and overall health status. We may recommend prescription eyewear, oral or eye dropper medications, and low vision strategies to accommodate for any vision loss. If you undergo medical procedures, such as cataract replacement surgery, our optometry team can also provide pre- and post-operative care to ensure your recovery goes as well as possible.

Whether you already have a diabetic eye disease or are simply at risk for one, it's helpful to practice healthy lifestyle habits like diet and exercise. Such habits will help manage your symptoms, protect your eye health, and control your underlying risk factors.

Need Help Managing Diabetic Eye Disease?

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