Glasses are one of the most common forms of corrective eyewear. Eyeglasses provide a simple way to improve your vision. Since those with glasses wear them so often, it is important to find the right pair. Choosing glasses involves finding the right corrective lenses and picking the best frames for your style. At Exquisite Eye Care, serving Houston, TX, our optometrist will help you find the right glasses. We will determine your prescription and if you need any protective coatings on your lenses. Our team will also help you find the right frames to compliment your style.


Finding the Right Lenses

While the first glasses were made of glass, it is actually very rare for glass to be used in vision correction today. Most eyeglass lens material is plastic, either polycarbonate or CR-39 lenses. These are both popular options for single vision glasses, but for very strong prescriptions, these can become a little bit too thick. People who need bifocals or trifocals have more lens types to consider in order to achieve the best correction for their eyes. Here are some options that may be considered:

  • High Index Lenses: These lenses are thinner and lighter than most standard plastic lenses, allowing them to correct vision without getting too heavy. They will work for both single vision and multi-focal prescriptions. 
  • High Definition Lenses: These work to enhance peripheral vision better than standard lenses, and are a common choice for those with other eye health issues, such as cataracts or corneal scars. 
  • Trivex Lenses: These offer extra scratch resistant protection, although some scratch protection is standard. These are great if you prefer a rimless style to your glasses
  • Progressive Lenses: These allow different strength options in one pair of glasses without visible lines. It is also possible to get bifocal or trifocal lenses with lines clearly etched into the lens. 

Our eye doctor will work with you to determine what lenses you need. We can also add special coatings to your lenses, like a blue light protective layer or scratch resistant coating.

Finding the Right Frames for Your Glasses

Every pair of glasses needs frames, and many factors are considered when trying to get the right frame. This includes budget, fashion, durability, face shape, and coloring. If you are active, durability will likely be high on your list of priorities, and you can ask about selections that will be best suited for an active lifestyle. 

Face shape is a common consideration, and having a contrast between the glasses shape and the face shape helps to balance out your features and complement your look. Round faces traditionally look best with narrow angular frames. Frames that are wider at the bottom are a good look for those with heart shaped faces. We can also help you find frames that work well with your hair color and skin tone. At Exquisite Eye Care, our staff is available for guidance with your selection, regardless of your budget.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist for Eyeglasses Today

Whether it is time for a first pair of glasses, or it is time for an update to your look or prescription, we can help. The first step in getting glasses is to visit our optometrist. At Exquisite Eye Care, serving Houston, TX, our eye doctor will perform an eye exam to determine your prescription. Then, we will work with you to find the right lenses and frames. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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